Who Are The Popular Brands Of Table Tennis?

The most popular brands of any sport aren’t just the ones promoted by fans and participants. They are mostly comprised of merchandise with the best products and sales. In Table tennis, some of the most popular names come up when you’re thinking about getting yourself an equipment.

Its very important that you treat this list with utmost respect because they have served table tennis players for decades and as such deserve some accolades.

This article features the most popular brands in table tennis with a little light shed on what they stand for and how they categorize their products. In all cases, just like in electronics, the different models of each brand are categorized by new features and emphasis on strengthening the previously existing features, such that every purchase is a weapon in the hands of any player that wields them – learner or professional.

able Tennis Brands – Who Are The Popular Guys?

Here they are , in no particular order.

Killerspin :


Screenshot taken from Killerspin.com

Killerspin was created out of Robert Blackwell Jr.’s desire to bring style and intensity to table tennis. He got his inspiration from how well people turned up to participate in the 2001 Ping Pong Festival in Chicago.

Having concluded that such intense sport was capable of disconnecting people from technology and create more meaningful relationships with one another, he created this cutting-edge luxury table tennis brand focused on developing such strong relationships.

The brand originates from United States and has thus far been responsible for the manufacture and supply of high quality ping pong equipment to different parts of the world. Like other brands, Killerspin has different equipment tailored to fit different skill and favor different playing styles. This is mostly manifested in the design of its paddles which are some of the most used in the sport.

Killerspin Tables are known for their arch bases and sleek surfaces which promote a better bounce and allow players to visualize the intensity that was intended by the creator of the brand. The brand even hosts some of the largest table tennis events in the United States like the Spinvitational Table Tennis Championship, Arnold Classic Table Tennis Challenge, the Mohegan Sun as well as the Extreme Table Tennis Championships.

By producing the best products, and then also holding various competitions to show their support for the sport, Killerspin deserves the top spot in this publication.



Screenshot taken from Stigaus.com

Whenever the Killerspin brand is mentioned, be sure to expect STIGA to be mentioned just as much.

This Swedish brand was created in 1944, long before KillerSpin’s inception. However, it started as a lawnmower manufacturing company, until 1984 when it decided to create an independent enterprise for Table tennis equipment. Since then, they have been steadily soaring in the aces of the table tennis pool.

Evidently, they have been severally engaged in partnerships with the Swedish and even the Chinese National teams on the bases of hosting huge table tennis events.

The company itself has grown so much that it has partners in over 100 countries spread all over the world. In a way, this makes them so much popular than Killerspin or other similar brands.

Apart from their ability to form mergers with national teams and establish offices in different parts of the world, the quality of their products also accounts for them being called one of the best brands of the sport. The paddles feature WRB, SDT and revolutionized middle veneer technology to give them significant edge over other paddles. These features are tailored to fit different playing styles in their different models such as the Supreme, pure color, Titan , Pro Carbon , Evolution, etc.

STIGA tables feature ball bearing wheels to aid movement, easy set up and dismantling, quality ball bounce and an overall attractiveness to crown it all. Their products are backed by their need to maintain worldwide domination, so you have nothing to fear by giving them a try.




Joola is a German brand formed in 1952, whose name was coined from Joos which was a departmental store and the town the company originated from – Landau. Their designs are distinct and targeted towards an inclusive, progressive and supportive sport environment.

For an inclusive sport environment, they made sure to produce equipment that support play of different level of table tennis competitions from your basement to the stage of world champions. Being a progressive brand, their passion about expanding to the various ends of the world has complemented their commitment to create high quality equipment for players at all levels, more importantly, at affordable prices.

Their table design is quite unique as it features an anti-tilt element for both safety and good ball balance. It has a separable design that allows you to split it into halves for easier transport and proper storage. Joola also has a ping pong conversion top that can be used in place of a table.

The paddles come in different models such as the Spinforce and Nova which also have different sub models categorized by various playing styles as required by tennis players.

Butterfly :


Screenshot from Butterflyonline.com

Butterfly is a Japanese brand of equipment manufacturers that has existed for over 60 years. During this period, the butterfly brand has spread its wings and pollinated investments into different businesses, even sewing machines which were one of their most popular enterprises for a while.

Having put this same level of commitment into building a successful table tennis equipment brand, they have earned their spot in the list of the biggest names in the sports industry.

The brand was established by Tamasu Hikosuke, who was also a prominent Japanese tennis player. By being more of a participant than a fan of the sport, he has been able to bring the needs of every tennis player into actualization with his trademarked creations.

His philosophy explains that players are like butterflies, and they need their flower or pollination and feeding in a somewhat symbiotic relationship. He has been able to help players of different levels manage this relationship with their careers by providing them with the most innovative tools for the sport.

Butterfly ping pong tables have excellent edge protection, sleek tops that accommodate every bounce of the ball as well as a flexible wheel for transporting the entire equipment without stress. Their paddles are also categorized into different playing styles and come at affordable prices.


Conclusively, it’s completely okay to assume that these top brands have the best equipment on the market. It’s quite true and they do their best to protect that reputation by putting their best into every single product that comes out next.

One other advantage of patronizing top brands is that matching outfits and equipment are very easy ways to get connected to other players at different clubs. It instantly gives you a shared platform with new players that you could both connect on and form meaningful relationships aimed at becoming better players.

Hey! , I am Roland Campbell , a recreational table tennis player for over 5 years and counting. I do a lot of research on table tennis (Ping Pong) and publish my findings here at Pingthatpong.

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