Protect Your Expensive Table By Investing In A Quality Pool Table Cover

So you just purchased a pool table?

Great! Congratulations on your purchase. The next step is to put measures in place to protect your investment because pool tables are very expensive.

In this case , you can choose to be reactive or proactive.

You can be reactive by doing nothing , folding your arms and waiting for the table to get damaged before making a move OR you can be proactive by putting measures in place to protect the table.

For me , i like to be proactive especially when it comes to expensive investments like my best pool tables , and this is why i go the extra mile to purchase quality table covers for them.

What is a Pool Table Cover?

As the name implies, pool table covers help prevent your table from environmental factors that could cause any damage to it. With quality table covers, you could protect your table from dust, liquid spills, scratches and other degrading factors that are quite inevitable in both residential and commercial buildings.

When you choose your cover, you want to be rest assured that your table is safe even when you’re not watching. Therefore, we have compiled a list of covers that give you this guarantee without breaking the bank.


5 Top Quality Pool Table Covers On The Market


1). Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise :


You can literally take your game to the next level with this high quality Naugahyde cover that has even more resistance than vinyl covers. This officially licensed merchandise measures 100 inches in length, 56 inches in width and cover as much as 8 inches on all sides.

It was designed to completely cover 8-foot tables with the silk-screened logo prominently displayed right in the center of the table. By buying this pool table cover, you get enough coverage against spills, dirt, dust and even prevent your house pets from damaging your billiard table.

During your purchase, you get to choose which ever team’s logo you want displayed on the back of the cover cloth.

2). 8-Foot Heavy Duty Cover :


This CueStix  cover is made from Naugahyde, same as the previously reviewed table cloth, so it shares similarities in terms of quality and durability. However, this one is called the heavy-duty because of the other modifications that help save for table from destruction. It is 115½ inches long and 56 inches wide, which is absolutely enough for total coverage.

It is also available in four colors namely, Black, Burgundy, Amber and Green from which you can choose whichever aesthetically matches your apartment the most. More importantly, it was designed to defend your equipment from damage for decades without requiring excessive maintenance or replacement.

3). Viper Protective Slip Cover, One Size Fits All :


The Viper table cover features a universal design that makes it adaptable to all table sizes. You could never go wrong with this cover as it is made from protective high-quality vinyl that assuredly protects your pool table from all environmental factors including spills, dust from your basement and even your own pets. In addition, it works well for outdoor protection by completely preventing the sun from warping the felt of your table.

Even if your table is too small for this size, and you fear it might remain excessively on the sides and get stained, the material it is made from is dirt resistant. Therefore, with a little effort, you can get all the dirt out from it. Because of this, maintenance is not an issue. The blue color blends well the environment, so it won’t mess up the aesthetics of your apartment.

4). Boshen 7/8/9FT Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Cover :


The Boshen table cover is available in two colors, black and brown, and three sizes, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft. With this brand, there is definitely a cover cloth that fits your table size and blends well with your apartment. It is made of a heavy-duty material that protects your table from dust, spills and even pets. It is also wrinkle free, so it doesn’t look tired after every game.

The durability of the Boshen cover is complemented by the machine sewn seams that keep the edges from wearing out even in the event of being mishandled. To crown it all, there is a money back guarantee for all customers in case the cover doesn’t meet your expectation, but that is hardly the case.

5). 8 – Foot Rip Resistant Cover :

Unlike the others in this review, this cover is made of nylon. To be clear, this doesn’t mean regular nylon used for nylon bags. In this case, it’s a lightweight strong and rip resistant nylon that is elastic on the edges and keeps the cover on the table even on windy days. It is usable for outdoor tables as it doesn’t wear and tear easily. This 8-foot cover has a dimension of 119 inches length and 73½ inches width which makes it fit most 8-foot tables.

It is available in black, brown, navy blue, dark green and wine colors. With these many options, you should definitely be able to find one that blends well with your man cave, basement or apartment whichever the case may be.

Conclusion :

With this guide , i hope you’ve been able to select a quality product for your table. You deserve the best and shouldn’t settle for less.

Got any questions? Leave a comment below.

Hey! , I am Roland Campbell , a recreational table tennis player for over 5 years and counting. I do a lot of research on table tennis (Ping Pong) and publish my findings here at Pingthatpong.

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