How Much Does A Pool Table Cost?

Let me guess ;

You’re on the market for a new pool table. Your merchant told you a ridiculous price and you want to ensure you’re not overpaying?

Or perhaps you’re still in the research phase and need to know the pool table cost so that you can budget and plan ahead of your purchase?.

Regardless of your reason , it is important to ensure you get good value for money considering pool tables are very expensive.

We’ve put together this pool table price guide which explains the options available to you and why some tables are more expensive than others.


So , How much does a pool table cost right now ? What are the pool table prices?

For starters , pool tables are very expensive so be ready to spend money. The average cost of a pool table right now is anywhere between $600 – $2,500 for home / mid-range tables , and $2,500 – $10,000 for high-end / luxury tables.


Which Tables Do We Recommend?

Best Choice Under $1,000 – Hathaway Fairmount

Best Choice Under $2,500 – Barrington Billiard Table


Best Luxury Choice – Imperial Outdoor Table :

Grades Of Pool Tables

Toy Grade Pool tables :



Reading the title “toy grade pool tables” , you can tell they are made of materials that may not last long. They typically have a life span of two to five years, depending on maintenance. They usually cost between $600 and $1250.

This table might be perfect for players who aren’t too enthusiastic about pool but in the end , don’t expect too much from this category of pool tables.

Economy grade tables :


These are a little better than the toy tables, but still at the bottom of the pile. Their price ranges from $1300 to about $2000 and have an impressive life span of over a decade.


Middle Range Tables :



These tables are right between the economy grade and the custom-made pool tables. They cost between $1900 and $3500 on the market and possess distinctive features.

At this price , you can expect to get hardwood railings, AAA quality Malaysian gum cushions and impressively strong legs. If you’re lucky, you could find one that completely matches your home décor and with regular maintenance they can last for decades.

Custom Made Tables:



Custom made things are usually the most expensive. For this category, you could have the makers customize the features you want into the table.

The most popular option is having the physical appearance of the pool table matching your décor. However, depending on how well invested you are in the sport, you can have the more important features custom made for you. These usually cost around $3,500 to $10,000, depending on your specifications.

Factors That Can Affect The Price Of A Pool Table :


The cabinet design :

The cabinet is the outer fence guarding the pockets, side rails and the openings for retrieving the ball. It doesn’t necessarily have any influence on the game played on it. However, having a custom-made cabinet design that probably matches your home décor would make for an amazing addition to your living room without any compromise on your taste.

This isn’t a must-have and should not be allowed to influence the price of the pool table you want to buy. However , should you decide to get a custom cabinet , make sure the quality factor is accounted for.

The Slates used :

The slate, also called the play field, is the bed of the pool and is usually made of heavy and finely milled rock. The more durable the play field is, the better its chances at enduring many years of use. Mdf beds (hardboards) are found in home made models which make them cheaper and lighter to transport, but also makes them less durable.

Tournament pool tables and other high-quality options on the other hand , feature about two to five slates which makes the pool table more durable and more importantly provides a more enjoyable playing surface.

However, the more the number of slates, the higher the price. Therefore, depending on how invested you intend to get, you could settle for a figure between that range and get an affordable table with at least good quality.

The size of the table :

One other important determinant of the price of a pool table is the size. As you probably know, there are different sizes available, starting from 6-foot to the 9-foot size. The bigger the better and obviously, the more expensive.

Before you choose, make sure that you have enough room to accommodate that size so that every shot is possible from every angle.

The Felt/Table cloth :

The grade of the table cloth used determines how smoothly the ball will move on the table and most certainly influence game play. However, you need to have fair environmental conditions to maintain high quality felts otherwise you’ll end up changing them almost every year.

Also, if you have parties in the house, and you’re sometimes tempted to play beer pong, you might want to settle for a medium grade felt. Like other features, the better the quality of the felt, the more expensive the pool table is.

Other factors include the cost of transportation from the store to your apartment as well as the cost of installation. The higher the quality of the pool table, the more complicated the installation process will be, and the more charge it will incur.

Conclusion :

Hopefully, this article helps you narrow down the prices and their implications. The most important thing to remember is that you should always choose quality over physical appearance.

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