The Best Table Tennis Conversion Top – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We all know that table tennis is a great way to exercise both physically and mentally and for you to enjoy this benefit  , you need to first invest in a ping pong table. However , in a situation where you have limited space to setup a new table but already have a large game table , you can rely on the best table tennis conversion top to help maximize your already existing space.

Table tennis conversion tops are very helpful in the sense that they help you convert billiards , air hockey tables and pool tables into a standard table tennis table , giving you the same experience as having a ping pong table.

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top Reviews Of 2018

Here are the best table tennis conversion top on the market :

Conversion TopColorWeightAccesoriesPricing
1). Joola Conversion TopCharcoal Black115lbsNet Set
2). Martin KilpatrickBlue , Green90 lbsNet Set
3). East Point SportsBlue80lbsNet Set
4). Harvil Conversion TopBlue101lbsNet Set

1) Joola Conversion Top – The Best Rated :

Our #1 pick is non other than Joola’s conversion table tennis top which is the best rated product on the market. If you play table tennis frequently then i’ld bet you have probably used a Joola product at some point.

Joola’s conversion is a standard table tennis top that is recommended for billiard tables. This product can transform your billiard table into a nice looking table tennis table in less than 10 minutes. It measures 15 mm thick and weighs 115 pounds.

Joola recommends this conversion top to be used on billiard tables up to 8 feet high , so be sure to know the height of your table before purchasing.

Pros :

  • Fit well into tables at least 5′ wide and 9′ long
  • Includes two table tennis halves and a net and post set
  • Full foam padding prevents scratches and damage to your billiard table

Cons :

  • This conversion top is a little heavy

2) Martin Kilpatrick’s Conversion Top :

Available in blue , green and grey colors , Martin Kilpatrick’s conversion top will convert your pool table into a standard table tennis table in minutes.

This is a high-quality table tennis top is easy to setup and comes with surface connectors to prevent separation and easily attach both table halves.  The sturdy 3/4 inch top is regulation size 9×5 , which can be used for recreational and competitive play , and the foam pads help protect your pool table.

To guaranty its quality ,  Martin Kilpatrick’s conversion top comes with a solid 3-years warranty.

Pros :

  • One of the highest-quality conversion top
  • Foam protection for your existing table
  • Easy to setup
  • Works perfectly with Billiard and Pool Tables
  • 3-Years warranty

Cons : 

  • It is very heavy
  • High-quality but expensive

3) Eastpoint Sports Conversion Top – Best On A Budget :

For those on a budget looking for the best ping pong conversion top without compromise on quality , Eastpoint’s conversion top is a good choice to consider. It may not be as elite as tops from Joola and Martin Kilpatrick but you’ld get a solid conversion top at an affordable price.

This conversion top features a 12-mm thick surface sized 9 feet long by 5 feet wide , 8 foam pads to protect your existing table and 1 post and net system.

Pros :

  • Very Affordable
  • Average quality but fun to use

Cons :

  • Hinges tends to wear out after a while

4) Harvil’s Table Tennis Conversion Top :

Harvil is a well-known manufacturer of game tables and this conversion top is an example of what they offer. Harvil’s conversion top is made of dense fiber wood with 8 soft EVA foam padding on the underside that protects your billiard tables surface from scratches and marring.

However , one drawback you should know is that this conversion top weighs a hefty 101.38 pounds which is heavier than most tops on the market. 

Pros :

  • Solid conversion top

Cons : 

  • It is very heavy


Pre-Purchase Considerations

Thinking of getting a table tennis conversion top? Here are 2 main points to consider :

1). Do you even need a conversion top ? :

You seriously need to ask yourself this question before investing in a conversion top.


Because the cost of buying a decent conversion top is almost the same as buying a standard ping pong table. Therefore , it may make more economical sense to purchase the full table rather than just a conversion top.

2) The size of your already existing table :

Knowing this is very essential to purchasing a perfect top. If you’re going to use the top on your billiard , pool or any large table , make sure it fits before making a purchase.

I hope you found this guide very helpful.

Hey! , I am Roland Campbell , a 28 years old IT expert and a lover of table tennis. Pingthatpong is where i share tips and journal my experience playing the game of table tennis.

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