Table Tennis Players Can Also Play Pool! – See The Best Pool Tables

The best part about having an equipment such as pool tables is the ease that comes with playing within your comfort zone. No need to go through traffic just to have a good time at the sports center.

Also, by hosting a game in your apartment, any moment could escalate into a party in no time and make your place the official hot spot for your friends. This means that getting a table will attract a lot of attention to your apartment in no time.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get one that can serve your playing interest and last for decades , considering how expensive they are.

This review cuts across all the top brands, the most durable and efficient billiard tables on the market today and more importantly justifies why they have been selected to be among the top 15.

Also , have a quick look at our list of best pool cues to go alongside your table.

Overall Top Choice – Barrington Billiard Table


  • Elegant table made with premium materials
  • Perfect for professional and recreational play
  • Smooth gaming surface, responsive cushions and durable rails.
  • Built to last for years

Most Affordable Option – Hathaway Fairmount

  • Good quality yet very affordable
  • Comes with 6-months warranty
  • Perfect for kids and family game
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Comes pre-assembled so easy to setup

Top 3-in-1 Choice – Fat Cat Pockey Table :

  • Ping pong , Air hockey & Pool , all in one table
  • Easy to install
  • Features Tetolon green cloth, rubber bumpers, and drop pockets
  • Can be used for recreational and professional play

Buyer’s Guide – How Do You Make The Right Choice ?



You could read through all the reviews on the internet and still buy the worst equipment ever.

The fact remains that being familiar with these products is not enough to help you make an informed decision. You need to start by understanding what you need, which could be influenced by the size of your apartment, the floor you live on, or a couple of other factors that would be considered in this guide.

Then , you can narrow your search to the ones that vaguely satisfy your requirements and then make your choice.

By carefully going through this guide , I can guarantee that you’ll be able to make an informed decision afterwards. The major purchase considerations for the quality pool tables are expressed in the following requirements.

1). Size :

There are 4 sizes on the market ; 6FT , 7FT , 8FT , and 9FT.

Normally, I’d say, the bigger the better, but if your apartment doesn’t have space big enough to accommodate a 9-foot table, don’t push it. You need to understand that you are not only making space for the table itself, but also for the players that will be playing on the table, including yourself.

For pool, you need enough space to draw your cue stick and place shots at different angles. If the space is too small, your game play would be restricted and the table won’t be worth your purchase. Therefore, whether you’ll be installing it in your basement, or your living room, or in your garage, make sure that there is enough space to accommodate both the table and players.

We recommend that you have at least a 2-yard circumference round the table. This space may vary depending on the size of your cue stick.

2). Weight :

This is is similar to size consideration.

If you live in the 5th floor of an apartment in a city, you wouldn’t want to carry a heavy pool table up the stairs. Even with an elevator, you need to be very considerate with the size. You might get lucky if the purchase comes with a free delivery and installation package but still , get something that best fits your lifestyle and prevent unnecessary stress.

If you fall into this category, you could look out for reasonably weighed tables with retractable legs and easy assembly.

3). Playing Surface

You can choose between a slate playing surface and a Slatron.

Slatron is fairly comparable to slate, but since it is made of compressed wood, it could easily warp if the humidity of your apartment is overwhelming, or even in the event of liquid spill.

Slate is the better option. The thicker the better, but since a 1-inch thickness is the approved standard for tournament tables, you don’t need to be excessive about this.

4). Frame

This is part of the table is also called “cabinet”. Frames are mostly made of hardwood, laminate wood or veneer. The most durable option is hardwood, but it is also the most expensive.

5). Rails and cushions

This is the perimeter that surrounds the playfield and normally has cushions attached to it. The rails are mostly made of medium density fiber board (MDF), solid wood or particle wood. The MDF and practice wood tend to warp after a while of use, therefore, you best go with solid wood.

As far as the cushions are concerned, the best choice is the AAA Malaysian gum which is a natural rubber that could potentially last longer than the table itself.

6). Accessories

Make sure that all the necessary accessories are included in the purchase package. Also, check to see if there is a return policy on the equipment in case the equipment is damaged on arrival. Warranties are also a good way to ensure your money’s value.

7).Other Considerations

Don’t exhaust your budget just because you found a popular brand that has all the features you want. If you can get the same value from a more affordable or less advertised brand, then go for it.

Also, account for delivery and installation costs during your purchase. It would be really frustrating if you spend hours trying to install the table and breaking it in the process.

Best Pool Tables Reviews Right Now – Top Brands & Models

RankPicturePool TableOur RatingsPricing
#1Barrington Pool Table
(Editor's Choice)
#2Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table
(Most Affordable Choice)
#3Fat Cat Pockey Pool Table
(3-in-1 Combo)
#4Costzon Pool Table
(Top Choice For Kids)
#5Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table9.6
#6Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table9.5
#7Fat Cat Reno II9.4
#8Playcraft Extera Outdoor Table9.4
#9EastPoint Sports Masterton Table9.2
#10Harvil 8-Foot Slate Table9.1
#11GSE Deluxe Folding Table9.0
#12Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table9.0
#13Imperial Outdoor 8ft Table8.9
#14Triumph 89” Santa Fe Billiard Table8.7
#15Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Op 7′ Table with DBA8.6


1). Barrington Billiard – Best Pool Table For Home :



If we were to choose a pool table all over again , it would certainly be the Barrington Billiard Table. Everything screams elegance and that’s not even the best part.

In addition to the grand vibe it adds to your living room, the Barrington features a 3-piece slate system with each of them being a 1-inch premium. The grand style , of course , features the Queen Anne legs, deep red felt to make the table look as lively as possible and leather drop pockets that don’t wear or tear easily.

For an equipment of its class, it’s durability impressively matches the price tag on it. However, the design is almost too elaborate for someone who simply intends to have a nice game occasionally. If your apartment doesn’t match up to this level of décor, then may be better to go for a much simpler design.


Pros : 

  • Smooth gaming surface, responsive cushions and durable rails.
  • The physical appearance is quite impressive.

Cons :

  • It is impossible to disassemble for storage without professional help.

2). Hathaway Fairmont – Most Affordable Option :

The Hathaway Fairmont Billiard table features a 6-foot frame which makes it portable and easy to install compared to other options. At 190 pounds, it is not excessively heavy. So, if your feel the need to change its location, or move it out of the house to host a game, two people could easily carry it.

One other feature that makes it portable and easy to transport is the steel legs that are easily foldable. All you’ll need to deal with is one giant board with the exception of pointy legs.

The table is manufactured using materials known to last decades of play such as the steel retractable legs, 5-inch thick melamine top rails, high-quality blended wood felt, the L profile cushions and most importantly, the chrome plated corner castings that complement the pockets.

With every purchase, you get this sturdy table, all the necessary pool accessories as well as a storage bag. This combination screams superior craftmanship and great value for money.

Pros : 

  • It is portable and therefore saves space
  • Foldable legs for easier storage
  • No complicated installation required. Simply unpack and unfold.
  • Table comes with 1.5-inch leg levelers
  • Smooth gaming surface, responsive cushions and durable rails
  • Good value for your money

Cons :

  • The follow come cues aren’t top quality
  • It’s impossible to carry all by yourself

3). Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 – Top “Combo” Choice

The first thing that probably comes to mind is that being a 3-in-1 table, the goodies wouldn’t be adequately distributed across all 3 surfaces , but that’s not the case. The Fat Cat Pockey is a convertible table that gives the flexibility of playing table tennis , pool and air hockey without any preference.

Its first adaptation is the conversion table tennis top which measures 84 by 42 inches,  Air hockey top that measures 74 by 38 inches and the billiard play field that measures 74 by 32 inches. While this size might seem small , it provides you enough space to move around the table especially if you don’t have enough space in your apartment to accommodate a standard table in the first place.

The Fat Cat Pockey has a high output blower that releases a thick pack of air for puck motion on each stroke when playing air hockey. Each purchase comes with the necessary accessories for the three sports including four pushers and pucks, a resin triangle, a billiard brush, two chalks, a net and a post as well as two table tennis balls and paddles.

Pros :

  • The play field surface is smooth enough to accommodate all three sports.
  • The latch system works quite well
  • Sturdy construction in excellent design
  • Leg levelers make installation easy

Cons :

  • It’s too heavy for its size
  • The brush has no handle
  • Zero return policy

4). Costzon Billiard Table, Pool Game Table – Top Choice For Kids :


This durable MDF pool table is famed for its consistent roll and impressive warp resistance. The green nylon cloth complements the black leather surrounding the table and gives you that familiar feel of sportsmanship during every game.

Pool tables such as these with foldable designs are the ideal kinds as they fit into any lifestyle whether you have enough room for permanent installation or not. If your apartment is so small that you can not have it permanently installed, you could simply fold it into a smaller size and have it stored in your closet or even under the bed.

Every purchase comes with the entire set of 16 resin ball pieces including a cue ball, a black triangular plastic rack as well as a brush for the table cloth.

Pros :

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage
  • It is very sturdy even for its weight
  • Great customer service
  • It’s affordable

Cons :

  • The follow come pool cues are light in weight
  • Its not for expert players

5). Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Table :

This table brings the familiar outdoor feel into the comfort of your home. Its features are useful and practical, well enough to give you good value for your money. The cabinet is made from fiber wood material and has a soft finish to it in shades of gray and white, giving it the driftwood look.

This is furthermore complemented by a tetolon cloth on the playfield that provides free movement for the ball during play and doesn’t warp even after years of use under proper maintenance.

It comes with free accessories and an educational assembly manual for installation and setup. The legs feature levelers with rubber bumpers to make the surface flat whether the terrain is even of not. In each purchase, you get leg panels, chrome silver rail coiners, a table brush, a full set of balls and a ball rack.

Pros :

  • The leg levelers make the assembly easier.
  • It has a fresh and laid-back practical design.
  • It’s ideal for indoor use.
  • The cushions are responsive

Cons :

  • It takes at least 2 men to transport or assemble

6). Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table :

The Mizerak Dynasty truly represents a combination of the exquisite taste of the brand manufacturer, a prim and perfect finish that gives it that cool look that adds class to your apartment. This might seem irrelevant to the reason you’re buying a pool table, but you won’t be disappointed when you realize how cool the other features are.

Its 6.5-foot size gives you enough room to play an expressive game on the table while remaining portable enough to accommodate you and your friends in the comfort of your basement. This compact design is complemented by leg levelers that give you an even playing surface as well as a double sealed play-bed which also guarantees consistent roll at every stroke of the cue ball.

Balls are returned automatically making it easy to restart any game without stress. The table weighs about 200 pounds which means it is sturdy enough to take lots of hits over years of use, but will require at least two men for transport and installation.

Pros :

  • The leg levelers make the installation process quite easy
  • The rubber cushions on the circumference provide you with a perfect rebound on every ball.
  • The pockets have automatic ball return mechanism.
  • The size is compact enough to accommodate a crowd in your room.

Cons :

  • It tends to give off a chemical smell when placed in rooms with poor ventilation.

7). Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Table

The Fat Cat Reno II features an accuslate playing surface covered with a burgundy wool cloth which has been engineered to resist warping over time. This is accompanied by French style drop pockets which help complement the classical design of the pool table.

It is also equipped with K66 rubber bumpers, six-inch white diamond rails with beveled legs made of maple wood veneer. The bumpers are put in place in order to provide just the right amount of bounce for you. This helps especially if you need to land trick shots during your game.

The feet of the table also feature hidden leveling pads to make sure that you get a balanced table no matter how bumpy and uneven the ground surface is. They also help adjust the height of the table to averagely fit the height of players.

With each purchase, you get a brush for cleaning the equipment, two pool sticks and chalk for marking break spots.

Pros :

  • There’s a seven-year warranty to make sure that your table serves you long enough.
  • It is quite sturdy and you could lean on it during your leisure.
  • Its smooth surface promises an accurate game and unbiased game.
  • The leg levelers help you adapt to any height or topography.

Cons :

  • Assembly requires professional assistance
  • The weight makes it hard to transport or assemble without help

8). Playcraft Extera Outdoor Table

The first thing to point out in this table is that it is big. Given its dimension of 40 by 20 by 9 inches, it is so big that it would be very handy for having parties at your apartment. The table itself is quite strong featuring MDF wood pieces used to construct the frame and the play field. Even though it is lacking in terms of accuracy but this doesn’t mean you enjoy a good game on it.

The remaining construction is made of aluminum, with large tubular beam legs and bracing which are quite easy to install. The electric blue billiard cloth gives the table it a stylish look, and since it is weatherproof and UV resistant, you are bound to have it around and in good shape for a long while.

Pros :

  • It is lightweight, therefore easy to install, transport and store.
  • Great value for money.
  • The Responsiveness of the cushions is impressive.
  • It is tough and durable and as such can handle partying.

Cons :

  • The cue sticks are poorly constructed
  • Table’s height is 2 feet, which would be considerably low even as a party hangout spot
  • It’s not suitable for experts and professionals
  • The pocket design and size are inconvenient

9). EastPoint Sports Masterton Table

The legs of this best billiard table are attention grabbers, so let’s start this review from there.

They feature a traditional design that looks like the four paws of a small animal holding on to a small object. The dark wood effect also adds to the classy vibe that this design gives off.

There is also an inbuilt leveling system in each leg that ensures precision in uneven floors such that the table is flat and the balls don’t just roll aimlessly across the table during play. This also eases installation.

The rail system located around the billiard table has inlays that are designed to help you line up a hit or choose where to place your cue. The most impressive part about this feature is that it is scratch resistant and hence guarantees longer table life. This rail system has a leather holder for collecting balls without letting them go over the side of the table.

Each pocket is large enough to retrieve all the balls from. Each purchase set features two wooden billiard cues, one set of billiard balls, one billiard triangle, a brush and two pieces of chalk.

Pros :

  • Amazing features, good value for money
  • The pockets are very effective
  • The elegant design of the table will influence the overall outlook of your room.

Cons :

  • Even though the assembly is easy, it takes more than one person to complete.
  • There is need to assemble the legs too
  • It’s hard to transport

10). Harvil 8-Foot Slate Table

The Harvil Bellagio rests on hand-carved legs braced by a sturdy frame made of fiberwood and a scratch resistant finish. Even the play field features top quality 3 piece with a 1-inch slate that gives the ball accurate roll in every game and helps level the table itself.

With the Bellagio, you can give your game room, or living room a nice touch with the shielded premium drop pockets featured in the table. These pockets were designed for easy retrieval of balls at any point during any game.

The clothing on the playfield area is made of 75% wool and 25% nylon, bathed in a skin resistant solution. This combined with the scratch resistant port finish just makes this billiard table worth every penny.

With very purchase, you get a 57-inch bridge stick with a copper plated head, four 2-piece 58-inch maple wood cue sticks, one PVC table cover, two brushes of different types, a 6-cue holder and a tally shaker bottle for added playing options.

Pros :

  • It comes with complete premium accessories.
  • It has a scratch resistant finish that helps it last through ages.
  • Free delivery and installation
  • You can make payments in installments for up to 12 months
  • It has a 2-year warranty and a solid refund policy.

Cons :

  • It takes more than one person to transport, dismantle or reassemble if need be.
  • The leg doesn’t have levelers

11). GSE Deluxe Folding Table :

The GSE Deluxe has a play field which is 66 inches long and 33 inches wide and features a sleek design with a high quality felt top available in red, green and blue. This is guarded by a black cabinet with drop pockets braced with steel corner caps.

This combination provides you with all the excitement you can get from a pool game without being too heavy for comfort.

The legs are foldable, which means the entire equipment is light weight, can be easily installed by one person and can be conveniently folded into storage. To be clear, this is not one of those retractable pool table legs that break when a little weight it put on it.

These legs are made of reinforced steel, and more importantly have levelers that make the table completely flat even when placed on an uneven ground.

Given its dimensions and quality, it can be installed in your personal man cave or even offices without throwing off the décor of the room , stealing too much attention away or causing a major distraction at official gatherings such as your workplace.

Pros :

  • This lightweight equipment is easy to install, transport and store
  • The poles are of good quality
  • The color options will help you fit it into your apartment without being aesthetically wrong.

Cons :

  • It is not suitable for experts and professionals
  • The pool cues are rather light in weight

12). Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table

The Mizerak Donovan II has two table options, Slatron and Slate from which you can choose between price and quality depending on how well invested you are in the sport. The Slatron option features a pressed fiber board material which makes it easy to wrap and create a flat play field, while the slate is better in the sense that it is more stable, durable and budget friendly.

Besides giving you the liberty to choose the playfield material, the Donovan II features bold colors and a unique design that make the table the major attraction in any room it is installed. More so, instead of the conventional green, the table has a red fabric that can endure lots of games without looking dirty and worn-out.

The playfield is also guarded by sleek metal paddings on the corner pockets and K66 nose rubber that give every stroke of the ball a healthy rebound. The legs also have metal levelers that keep your table flat ad balanced even when installed in uneven terrains.

Pros :

  • It has metal levelers and adjustable legs
  • It Is manufactured using high quality materials
  • Consistent ball rebound

Cons :

  • The assembly process is quite complicated

13). Imperial Outdoor 8ft Table :

The imperial outdoor comes pre-installed and after purchase, you simply need to bolt the legs and use the levelers to ensure a flat playfield. The levelers are pretty large as they are 5 inches big, therefore you can’t go wrong with them.

The legs, along with the braces for the corner pockets and the rails are all made of aluminum with tan coating which is a brilliant idea for exposed parts of any equipment.

The bed board in the play field has 140 layers of Formica sheet and a polyester resin which makes it fire retardant, impressively durable and even waterproof. Therefore, having a couple of drinks spill on it during a game won’t ruin the table.

One more feature that can’t go unmentioned is the K66 rubber which gives your shots clean rebounds from all sides of the table. Each purchase comes with an impressive number of accessories that make your investment totally worth it.

Pros :

  • The equipment is made of high quality materials
  • It comes pre-installed.
  • The rubber cushions offer a perfect rebound which has a positive influence on game play.

Cons :

  • You need at least four pairs of hands to unpack and install the table

14). Triumph 89” Santa Fe Billiard Table :

With the Santa Fe, you can enjoy the timeless durability tradition that the Triumph has to offer. As juicy as this offer sounds, you barely have to do any work to get it installed in your room. It comes pre-installed and you only have to assemble the legs and use their shims to keep the table leveled even in uneven terrains.

The legs have the traditional claw feet design that give the table a retro pool table feel and has a positive influence on the aesthetics of any room you have it installed.

The billiard table also features classic fabric drop pockets, a green nylon felt on the play field and the complete accessories to make any game as enjoyable as possible.

Pros :

  •  Installation is as easy as it can get
  • The design is aesthetically supportive of almost any apartment
  • Great value for the price

Cons :

  • It is quite heavy and would require more than a pair of hands to install
  • The pocket sizes are inconvenient

15). Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Op 7′ Table with DBA

Recent statistics have revealed that the Dynamo might be one of the most loved billiard tables on the market today. The pictures make it look pretty techy and you might be wondering why there are any buttons on a pool table. Well, this table is coin operated and the buttons are used to control the lock on the pocket fasteners and the pocket liners.

It also features a quiet package that reduces the noise produced by each ball when you retrieve them which separates it from most other brands. The cue ball is magnetic and is designed without any moving parts to separate the over-sized balls from the magnetic balls.

The durable hardwood rails are screwed tightly to the table and can be easily replaced if need be. High quality cabinet construction guarantees decades of use as the other wear parts have been plated with plastic or metal for longevity. The legs also feature adjustable levelers that help you keep the table flat in uneven terrains.

Pros :

  • The legs are made of molded reinforced ABS material
  • There’s no noise in the ball return system
  • It comes with a full set of accessories
  • It has a galvanized steel slate support

Cons :

  • It’s very heavy
  • Installation requires professional assistance

How To Maintain A Pool Table

Getting the right table that meets your needs and blends well with your environment is the goal but it doesn’t stop there. It is up to you to make sure that the table lasts for as long as possible by regularly maintaining it. Here are a few tips to maintaining your pool table.



Positioning The table :

Often times , consciously managing your equipment is all the maintenance you need. In this case, make sure the placement of your table doesn’t have direct contact with sunlight.

So, you need to place it away from the windows and not too far inside that it is overly exposed to moisture. Try to create a balance because too much exposure to the sun or moisture will damage both the felt and the wood parts too.

The living room is always better than the basement because you can control the temperature better. If the room is too dry, it would cause the wood to crack, while a humid room will lead to formation of molds on the wooden part of the equipment too.

Daily or Weekly Cleaning :

As long as it is rightly positioned, most of the work is done.

However, you need to clean the equipment as regularly as you can. Get a nice brush to get the dirt build-up on the felt. After use, make sure you use the brash to clean off the chalk lines, so that they don’t permanently settle on the felt and damage it.

A more efficient approach to this cleaning process is the vacuuming method. It is milder than the brush and you won’t be risking overworking the felt and ripping it.

For the table itself, wipe it with a clean rag and polish it with a wood polish. Make sure that the cleaning cloth you use is dry so that you don’t add moisture to it and cause a dirt build up.

If it had been subjected to poor maintenance for a while , you might need to use special cleaning products to get the dirt out. The same goes for the leather parts. If you do not use the right oil conditioner, it will get out of shape and start having tears and cracks all over, especially in the pocket area.

The Cue Stick and Balls :


This part is one of the simplest. Just ensure that the ball is cleaned properly as regularly as you can to prevent it from staining the felt. Consistent chalking of the cue stick, and cleaning of the body is enough maintenance for them.

Use a Table Cover :

The entire maintenance process would be easier if you simply use a pool table cover. Go through our list of best pool table covers and find yourself one that works for you. You need to clean the table cover too during maintenance and before every game so that it doesn’t stain the felt while you take it off.

Responsible Gameplay :

To ensure that your equipment lasts long enough to be maintained, play responsibly. Pool is a gentleman’s game. Make sure that there is no rough play around the table to prevent accidents that will cost you your health or for repairs. Be responsible.

Questions & Answers

– How many balls are in pool?

There are 16 balls consisting of 15 object balls and a cue ball. 7 of the object balls are striped, 7 others have solid colors while the last one is a black 8 ball.

– Can you play snooker on a pool table?

This practice is extremely common. It’s always nice to have a second game to play on your pool table. Using the 3-in-1 table, the possibilities are endless.

– What is the difference between pool and billiards?

Pool is a set of billiard games played using 15 object balls and a cue ball on a table with knife edge rails and six straight edge pockets. A billiard on the other hand can be categorized into two.

The carom billiard is a set played on tables without pockets, while the pocket billiard game requires a table with pockets.


– What size are pool balls ?

There are different pool ball sizes. 12 feet tables are large and therefore use 2-1/6-inch balls, same as the 10 and 9 feet pool tables. The 7 feet and 8 feet tables both use 2-inch balls, while the smallest of them all being the 6 feet tables use 1-7/8-inch balls.

– How much does a pool table weigh?

Depending on the different sizes as explained in the previous question, pool tables can have their weight ranging from 600 pounds to 1000 pounds.

This also depends on the materials used to manufacture them. For example, if your playfield uses the slate option, and you have more than one slate, your table is going to be as close to 1000 pounds as possible, because one slate weighs at least 150lbs.

– Who invented pool?

American professional player, William A. Spinks Jr. was known to have invented the cue stick chalk, but his contributions to the invention to the sport itself, alongside William Hoskins have made them a household name in pool.

Therefore, they are some of the most important names to pop up in conversations concerning the invention of pool.

– Are billiard balls made of ivory?

Billiard balls are made of different materials including ivory. Some other materials include phenolic resin, wood, baked clay and even polymers.

– Why are there numbers on pool balls?

The numbers dictate the order in which the cue balls can be pocketed during a game. The ball with the number 8 imprint is the black ball, while the 1 to 7 and the 9 to 15 share the same color in plain and striped variations respectively.

This means that 1 is a solid yellow and 9 is a striped yellow, 2 is a solid blue and 10 is a striped blue, and so on and so forth. The white ball has no number on it and its known as the cue ball.

I hope you found this article useful. Do have a look at our pool table cost analysis to know how much you should spend.

Hey! , I am Roland Campbell , a recreational table tennis player for over 5 years and counting. I do a lot of research on table tennis (Ping Pong) and publish my findings here at Pingthatpong.

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