You Play Air Hockey? You Would Love The 10 Best Hockey Tables

Air Hockey is ranked alongside fun sports such as foosball, ping pong and pool as the most exciting table-based games that you could play in the comfort of your home. The best part is that at an affordable price, you and your friends can have the table all to yourselves in your home and play friendly games or even host tournaments if you so please.

Air Hockey tables come in different sizes and styles mostly depending on age preferences. In this review, we’ll be unveiling the innards of some of the best air hockey table on the market today for kids and adults as well.

Overall Top Choice – Harvil Beachcomber Table

  • Electronic overhead scoring unit
  • Money back guarantee
  • Affordable compared to other high-end tables
  • The weight and levelers ensure easy installation

3-in-1 Combo – Fat cat Pockey

  • Manual scoring system
  • The play field surface is smooth enough to accommodate all three sports.
  • Sturdy construction in excellent design
  • Leg levelers make installation easy
  • Three games in one table

Top Choice For Kids – Playcraft Sport :

  • The table construction is commendably durable
  • It has a fancy scoring system
  • The ABS retriever helps with quick puck return
  • The price is quite modest for its features

How Do You Choose A Good Table?


With so many products on the market today, each with distinctive features, it’s understandable how choosing the wrong equipment can come so easily to most buyers. However, with the right education, this should be a walk in the park. There are a few features that you need to look out for when making your choice.

When you have predefined options for those features, you will be able to narrow down the list to a much smaller one and choose just the right equipment all by yourself.

Table Size :

When it comes to making choices like this, you need to think about the entire equation. Obviously, the bigger the better, but do you have enough room? This is technically the first thing to consider before you even decide to buy an Air Hockey Table at all. Even if you have enough room to accommodate this equipment, will that space be able to support permanent installation or a temporary one?

If installing the table in a space doesn’t affect anything else, then you can pretty much go for any table type. However, if you’ll just be breaking out the equipment from your closet anytime you feel like playing, and returning it back once you’re done playing, then your only option is a light table with easy assembly.

More importantly, make sure that there will be enough space round the table to accommodate a convenient gaming session.

Power Source :

Most tables equipped with electronic scoreboards use AC power supply from the building it is installed, or batteries that can be charged using those power sources. For models with very small score boards, AA batteries or AAA batteries are used, but don’t last long.

In my opinion, the models that power the equipment using AC adapters are the best as they are more economical. They don’t consume that much AC power, so you can’t really tell the difference on your power bills.

3). Scoring Methods :

The Scoring system is supposed to act as an unbiased referee while you play. Some models have electronic scoring systems that automatically update your scores as you play. There will be no need to stop the play to push any buttons or anything.

There are also cheaper models that use the manual sliding system that shares resemblance with a small abacus computer. You simply need to adjust a bean anytime a player has a point. Given these options, you could choose between convenience and price.

4). Fan Or Blower :

If you play without a blower, you will have to exert enough force to push the puck with the kinetic energy from your arms. However, more expensive models have automatic blowers that distribute air evenly throughout the surface of the play area such that your play is assisted by the air produced in the table.

This makes the game less stressful and you get to enjoy it for longer periods. You need to make sure that the combined force of the ventilation in your room and the wind from the blower is not too strong for the puck, else it will keep flying off the table.

5). Leg Levelers :

Leg levelers are really important even if you think the ground surface of your house is completely flat. The leg levelers keep the table’s surface flat on any floor type, be it carpet, uneven hardwood or even tiles. Even if you feel like it’s not important, make sure you have them as a precaution.

6). Budget:

No matter how cool all these features are, try not to exceed your budget. It’s very hard to have fun when you’re broke, so just keep it simple. Go for the important features, and if your budget can not accommodate anything extra, just stay in your financial lane.

You’ll be fine.

7). Skill Level :

One other consideration that matters in this case is your skill level. If you’re a novice, you honestly don’t need to go overboard with the size and features. Just keep it simple, take your time to master the game before going on to a more complicated equipment.

However, if you’re a professional, or a semi-professional and you want to have a table in your house for practice or in-house competitions with your friends, then by all means, go all the way.

10 Best Air Hockey Table Reviews Right Now

Rank Air Hockey TableOur RatingsPricing
#1Harvil Beachcomber 7 Foot Indoor Table
(Editor's Choice For Home Use)
#2Fat Cat Pockey
(Editor's 3-in-1 Choice)
#3Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table9.6
#4ESPN Air Hockey Game Table
(Top Choice For Kids)
#5Harvil 40-Inch Table9.6
#6Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Table9.5
#7Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Table9.4
#8EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Table9.3
#9Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table9.1
#10American Heritage Table8.9


1). Harvil Beachcomber 7 Foot Indoor Table – Best For Home Use :


The creativity of the designers of this table reflected in such impressive manner that it is top on our list of quality air hockey tables. This table is perfect for home use and is sure to give you a fun game with friends and family.

Measuring at 84 inches in length, 48 inches in width and 31 inches high, the beachcomber table weighs roughly 185 pounds and as such won’t be giving you any problems during transportation or even assembly.

The chrome plated top rails and apron corners of the beachcomber have a wood grain finish as well as a trip strip at the bottom which increases its durability. In addition to this, the body itself is made from dense fiber wood while standing on L-style legs. The legs have levelers that make installation easier and give you a flat surface even in uneven terrains.

The Beachcomber also has a cool overhead electronic scoring unit that you saves the hassle of arguing over the score at every milestone. Other accessories include four 2.75mm pucks, two 95mm pushers as well as a dual 100V CUL-certified motor blowers that give the table maximum air flow for smooth puck movement.

Pros :

  •  Electronic overhead scoring unit
  •  Money back guarantee
  • Affordable compared to other high-end tables
  • The weight and levelers ensure easy installation

Cons : 

  • The pucks are too light

 2). Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Table – Best 3-in-1 Combo


Fat Cat Pockey is a 3-in-1 table that combines the experience of Air hockey , Billiard (pool) and Ping Pong.

Having this much functionality doesn’t mean that the manufacturer had to compromise on each of the tables just to make them work in this tandem. It’s simply a convertible table with all the features intact.

The ping pong option is a conversion top measuring 84 by 42 inches, the pool table top measures 74 inches by 32 inches, while the Air hockey top itself measures 74 inches by 38 inches.

The features particular to Air hockey includes a manual scoring system which always comes in handy as well as the high-power output blower whose air cushion smoothens the motion of the puck during play. The playing surface has a glossy shine to its white, and the lines give it a look similar to that of an ice hockey rink. Each purchase comes with four mallets and four pucks.

Pros : 

  • Manual scoring system
  • The play field surface is smooth enough to accommodate all three sports.
  • Sturdy construction in excellent design
  • Leg levelers make installation easy
  • Three games in one table

Cons :

  • It’s too heavy for its size
  • Zero return policy

3). Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table  – Most Affordable Choice



In some cases, huge price tags are a turn off, while in other cases such as this, a low price might be translated as kids’ category, but the Playcraft Sport is no toy. To be clear, its size is quite particular to kids, but given its quality, there’s nothing stopping you from having a good game with it.

The frame is made of medium density fiber (MDF) hardwood which is so sturdy that it can sit on any table type. Being a UL approved table, you can expect nothing less than the 100-cfm air-powered motor that eases the puck’s motion on the table during play. The ABS catcher is equipped for quick puck return so that nothing stops the adrenaline flow when the game gets intense.

Being a 40-inch table, it is quite cheap and easy to assemble. With each purchase, you get two strikers and two pucks to get you started and minimize any other additional purchases you deem necessary.

The playcraft sport is without a doubt the best air hockey table for kids.

Pros : 

  • The table construction is commendably durable
  • It has a fancy scoring system
  • The ABS retriever helps with quick puck return
  • The price is quite modest for its features

Cons : 

  • The pucks are very light
  • It is more suited to kids

4). ESPN Air Hockey Game Table

The premium quality construction of the 7-foot ESPN Air hockey table has a smooth playing surface with high gloss finish that allows the puck to glide seamlessly across the table. In addition to that, the inbuilt fan provides even air flow across the surface of the entire table in support of puck movement.

The legs supporting this table are made of metal and have levelers that give the table a balanced surface even when installed on uneven terrains. The ESPN Air also features a LED electronic scorer, a timer and has arcade sound effects that really turns on your gaming mood.

There’s also a built-in storage port for the pushers and pucks on each side of the table, as well as a cup holder that helps you stay refreshed while playing.

Most of the table parts come pre-assembled and overall weighs roughly 200lbs, which makes it light enough for two people to easily install it. You also get four pucks and punchers as part of the accessories.

Pros : 

  •  Built in storage space for accessories makes it hard to misplace them
  • The sound effects really get you going.
  • The overhead scoring system is a free unbiased referee.
  • Great toll-free customer service with after purchase replacement.

Cons :

  • There are too many sharp edges in this equipment

5). Harvil 40-Inch Table

This 40-inch Harvil is definitely a fun equipment to have at home. The table is made from dense fiber wood and boasts of vibrant graphics. It is supported by a pair of sturdy legs with black base paints and blue finishing to give the table its elegant look.

The play field is supported by a 12V AC motor powering the fan that blows out air evenly for smooth puck movement during play. The assembly is quite easy as there are no complicated parts in the set up. If you’ve never installed one before, the assembly manual in the package is clear enough to guide you through the process without stress.

Each purchase comes with two 65mm paddles and two 55mm pucks. Other juicy perks that come with your purchase include the Dazadi money back guaranty as well as the warranty that ships new replacement parts to you almost immediately in the event of a damage or defect.

Pros : 

  •  It’s very easy to assemble
  • There’s a money back guarantee in case you change your mind about the equipment
  • There’s also a warranty that covers damages and defects

Cons : 

  • It is best suited to kids

6). Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Table :


The Lumen-X Air Hockey table features a special, out of space design that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. The illuminating technology in the design has interactive table features such as the in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music that sets the mood during play. There are some other lights in the strikers and the puck which light up when they are struck against each other during play.

The electronic board in the middle also lights up when ever the scores change. These lights are powered by an AC adapter that you can plug into any outlet in your apartment and get your game mood on.

Apart from the sparky electronics, the Lumen-X also features dual motor air blowers that provide even air across the surface of the MDF engineered play surface to ensure seamless movement of the puck during play. The legs also have levelers that ensure easy installation and guarantee a flat play surface even when the table is installed on an uneven surface.

The accessories included in this package are two ultra-bright strikers and a light-up puck.

Pros : 

  • The table is quite sturdy despite all the electronic components
  • It has in-built LED lighting and music
  • The airflow across the play surface is impressive
  • It is cost effective

Cons : 

  •  The puck is so light that it flies off the table too often.
  •  Too many electronic parts and they tend to fail after a while.

7). Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’  Table


The Atomic Top Shelf also features a Lumen-X technology like the previously reviewed Triumph table. This technology boasts of cool features such as an electronic scoreboard, high tempo music and multi-color LED which is in the puck, the paddles, the play surface and the railing.

Basically, these parts turn on when there is contact with them in order to keep you completely focused on the game. The music function also helps sets the mood for you and provokes the best performances out of you.

The PVC play surface is sleek and supports high-speed puck movement. This is also supported by the 120V air blower that blows evenly across the table.

The table itself is supported by four large and sturdy legs complemented by levelers that help keep the table’s surface flat even when the ground isn’t. With each purchase, you get two LED pushers, one hexagonal spinner LED puck and two round pucks.

Pros :

  • The Lumen-X technology makes your room look like an arcade center.
  • The 120V air blower really influences puck movement on the play surface.
  • The equipment is sturdy regardless of how the electronic components fair.

Cons :

  • It is quite expensive for an equipment of its class

8). EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Table


Multipurpose tables are always fun to have around because they increase your chances of having fun. If you get tired of one sport, you could simply swap the tables out and continue your fun. However, since this is an Air Hockey review, let’s hone in on the hockey features and see how good this table really is.

The GlazeTek Compound coating on the play surface makes it scratch resistant and it is also engineered to give your table a long-lasting shine. Other features include the In-rail LED scoring system that is your unbiased referee, the sound and the lighting keep you in the moment. This 80-inch table has inbuilt leg levelers that help keep your play surface leveled for a balanced play.

The 2-in-1 package also includes accessories for both sports including two pushers and pucks, two table tennis paddles and tennis balls, one net and one post system.

Pros :

  •  The setup is quick and easy
  • Two sports equipment for the price of one
  • Automatic scoring system
  • Scratch resistant surface

Cons : 

  • Too many sharp edges in the equipment could cause unnecessary injuries

9). Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table


The Brunswick boasts of a sleek and contemporary style that matches almost any aesthetic appeal. The play surface is made of laminated Medium Dense Fiber to make it last longer and less vulnerable to warping. This surface is supported beneath by sturdy legs and levelers that keep the play surface flat, and make sure that the game is balanced.

Unlike electronic models, it features an Abacus scoring style that keeps your scores just as adequately. The UL blower helps ease the movement of the puck on the table during play. The best part about this equipment is that even with its quality, you get a 90-day manufacturers’ warranty that covers damages and defects from shipping, and other faults you could complain about within that period.

With this, you won’t have any complaints about a broken leveler or a dented frame without the customer support intervening almost immediately.  The accessories include two mallets and four pucks.

Pros :

  • Abacus scoring system means you won’t have any electronic faults.
  • 90-day manufacturers’ warranty totally has you covered
  • The Laminate MDF material adds to the durability of the table
  • It is quite light and can be installed by two people easily

Cons :

  • None

10). American Heritage  Table


The American Heritage has an impressive build quality with an appearance that totally complements its features. The play surface is made from laminates and medium density fiber which have a great influence on the durability making it somewhat scratch resistant from the movement of the puck and the paddles on it.

It features a starburst design spread across the surface that keeps your mind stuck in the game like a maze.

Most of the table comes pre-assembled, therefore it requires minimal effort to set up. There is a manual scoring system on each side of the table that sets this equipment apart from other types with electronic score keepers. When you purchase the American Heritage, you get a 1-year warranty with 4 pucks in a bag.

Pros : 

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Two manual scoring systems

Cons :

  • It is quite expensive
  • Uneven air distribution from the blower

How To Maintain An Air Hockey Table



Maintenance is very important if you intend to keep your equipment around long enough to enjoy your money. To be clear, this is not just about keeping a clean equipment, but about keeping it functional.

There have been several cases where the puck moves too slowly on the table because the fan blower has been blocked by too much dirt. However, by following the pointers explained below, you’ll be able to keep your Air Hockey table for as long as possible.

How Often Should you clean your table?

The answer to this is quite simple. You should clean it as often as you clean your apartment, maybe more. Depending on how dusty your environment is, once a week is absolutely generous enough.

If you are this committed to the cleaning, you won’t need to do extra every time you plan to. By wiping it down at least once in a week, you’ll be preventing dust build upon and as such, you won’t have that much dirt to deal with every other time.

How do you clean your Air Hockey table?

Cleaning once a week is good enough, but you need to put in the work for this schedule to be efficient. You could simply wipe down the entire body with a damp cloth and make sure you get all the edges where dirt could build up. However, for the surface, you have to do a little extra.

To begin with, you need a good window cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia like isopropyl alcohol. Damp your cleaning cloth with it and clean the table.

Use as little as possible to avoid getting too much of it on the table. More importantly, turn on the blowers while you are at it in order to keep the dust out while you wipe. Do this as quickly as possible.

Make sure you don’t focus too much on the railing because getting too much dust off it will reduce its rebound energy. Also, make sure you stick to the type of cleaner I specified earlier, otherwise, it would make the play surface blurrier over time.

Other Maintenance Tips

Get your food and drinks as faraway from the table as possible. Another tip is that, if you won’t be using the table for a long time, use a table cover. This mostly applies when you’re about to go on a vacation, or even a weekend out of the house.

The most important tip is that you need to be a responsible player. Make sure that there are no rough plays around the table, and each player keeps a clear head during each game. Good luck!

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